Judgments of note 2018

From time to time the Court decides cases that have general importance for practitioners of employment law as well as for the particular parties. These will include some judgments of the full Court and others examining and applying new law.


[2018] NZEmpC 8 Nisha v LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand Ltd [PDF, 1.4 MB] (Costs Judgment (No 1) of Judge B A Corkill, 23 February 2018) COSTS IN RELATION TO MULTIPLE JUDGMENTS – LIABILITY FOR COSTS - Calderbank offers unreasonably rejected – each of 19 interlocutory judgments dealt with separately – range from small costs in favour of plaintiff to indemnity costs in favour of defendant – other costs detailed – increased costs justified – adjustment for plaintiff’s modest success - GST not allowed for – total costs to defendant more than $198, 000– question of liability - plaintiff in person to pay $10,000 - non-party funding considered– personal liability of non-party as impropriety shown – joint and several liability found – costs in Authority to be paid by plaintiff personally - $10,500; non-party personally to pay $19, 164.89; funding parties to pay jointly and severally over $166,000.

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