Judgments of the Court from 1 July 2006 are also available on this site and can be located using the decision finder.

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From time to time the Court decides cases that have general importance for practitioners of employment law as well as for the particular parties. These will include some judgments of the full Court and others examining and applying new law. These are listed in the Judgments of note section.

Reserved judgments will usually appear on this site no earlier than three clear days after delivery to the parties.

Oral judgments will appear on this site as soon as possible after they have been typed following oral delivery.

Judgments, including those from before July 2006, can also be obtained from a commercial supplier - Westlaw Ltd, CCH IntelliConnect or LexisNexis; or using the NZLII search box below.

If placing a copy of a judgment obtained from NZLII before the court, please access a copy of the decision as issued rather than an HTML copy. You can do this by clicking the "download" button on the HTML version of the decision.

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