Judgment delivery time

Ask about delayed judgments

If you are concerned about a delay in the delivery of a reserved judgment, you can ask the registrar by a letter or email.

Please include the following details: 

  • the name of the proceedings and the file number
  • your role in the proceedings (such as plaintiff/defendant or legal representative for the first plaintiff/second defendant)
  • the date on which the judge reserved the judgment or the last submissions were filed, whichever is the later date. 

The registrar will give you an indication in writing as to when the judgment is likely to be released. The judge won’t be told who has asked.

Recent statistics 

The table below shows the time to judgment in the Employment Court for judgments delivered in the years since 2012.  

YearDelivered within 1 month of conclusion of hearingDelivered within 3 months of conclusion of hearingDelivered more than 3 months after conclusion of hearingTotal judgments delivered
2012 74% 84% 16% 220
2013 75% 90% 10% 247
2014 75% 92% 8% 236
2015 74% 92% 8% 234
2016 77% 92% 8% 179

Notes and definitions

  • The source of the data is the citation database.
  • A judgment is classified as a decision that receives a citation from the citation database. It excludes minutes.
  • Judgments include those made on the papers. 

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